ACL: PreHab Tips

Range of Motion

Stationary Bike:

Daily, no resistance is necessary

Heel Slides: heel slides with strap

Use your hamstring and/or a strap to pull your heel towards your buttocks while lying on your back.

10 reps of 5 second holds, 3-5 times per day

Prone Hangs:

Lie on your stomach and let your foot hang off the edge of a bed or table.

Hold this position for 5 minutes.

You can use the opposite foot to add gentle downward pressure, as needed.



Quad Sets:

Lying on your back with your knee straight, attempt to contract your quad muscles (muscles on front of your thigh) for 5 seconds as strongly as possible. 

  • When contracting your quad muscles, your knee should press down towards the ground.

Repeat 10 times, 3-5 times per day.

4-Way Straight Leg Raise:

10 reps in all four directions = 1 set; do 3-5 sets per day:

  • Flexion (front of hip)
  • Abduction (outside of hip)
  • Extension (backside of hip)
  • Adduction (inside of hip)

Duck Walks:

Side to side steps with band: 2-4 minutes per day