All The Tools You Need To Recover from Surgery


We compiled a list of all the best tools patients have discovered to amplify their post-operative recovery!


Ice & Compression

There is strong evidence to support the use of ice and compression following surgery to reduce swelling. The reduction of swelling reduces pain (& reduces pain medication use), enables better Quadriceps activation and Range of Motion. 

Ice/Compression units can be rented or purchased.

Scar Reduction 

(may begin 4 weeks after surgery)

Nuvadermis is an advanced silicone treatment intended to manage old & new closed scars. It helps with most scar types caused by hypertrophic, keloid, post-surgery 

My Favorite Protein-Carb Recovery Drink

JOCKO MÖLK ready to drink protein shakes designed and engineered with a protein blend of milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate. This protein blend helps fuel muscle growth and recovery all day long.

My Favorite Compression Socks

The strongest 20 - 30 mmHg compression in the ankle area will promote blood circulation and oxygen flow. Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.

Collapsible Foam Roller

Regular foam rolling has been proven to have huge benefits on ACLR recovery. With this truly portable roller, you can manage pain and speed your recovery no matter where you are. 

Foam rolling videos may be found HERE.

Motivational Water Bottle

32oz motivational water bottle with times to drink and inspirational quotes, it's great for measuring your daily water intake, ensuring you stay hydrated.

Personal Massage Gun

Tried and true recovery brand. This portable percussion massage in a perfectly light and powerfully small package so you can take it to the gym, on the road, and everywhere in between.