Post-Op Wound Care


Dressing changes:

  • The first dressing change will occur at your post-op appointment or 48-hours after surgery.  
  • After that, waterproof dressings are typically placed over the incisions for 2-weeks following surgery. We advise you to change these every other day. 
    • These can be purchased from our clinic. 
  • Steri-strips will be carefully removed at your 2-week post-operative appointment. Do NOT pull them off.
  • Of note, pets should not be allowed to sit on your lap or sleep in your bed for at least 6 weeks after surgery. Pets may harbor organisms that could cause infection.  


No antibiotic ointment should be applied until the sutures have been removed AND it has been greater than 28 days since surgery. 


Post-Operative Showering & Bathing:

  • You will be able to shower two days after surgery with your wound covered with a waterproof dressing. Gently pat the wound dry if it gets wet. 
  • Continue to cover the wound during showers for 14-days after surgery.
  • If you will be non-weight bearing, you may want to purchase a stool for the shower.
  • You may NOT immerse in baths, hot tubs, lakes, oceans, or other bodies of water for 28 days after surgery.


Optional Items

Shower Bags: using shower bags in addition to waterproof dressings is not necessary for knee or shoulder surgery, however, some patients wish to use them. 

HERE is a recommended Knee option.

HERE is a recommended Elbow option.

HERE is a recommended foot/ankle option.