Ice/Cooling & Compression Systems


  • Icing after orthopaedic surgery will help to alleviate pain and inflammation.
  • It is recommended you use a cooling and compression system for at least 7-14 days following surgery to reduce your symptoms. 
  • Some patients wish to purchase units to use throughout their recovery.


There are two options for a cold therapy unit available.

Unfortunately, these units are not covered by insurance, but if you have an HSA or FSA that can be applied.

Ossur Cold Therapy Unit (Purchase): enables use throughout the post-op recovery. You will be given the unit to take home the day of surgery.

NICE Unit (Rental): units can be rented in 2 week increments from a 3rd party. The local rental company will coordinate delivery and pick up of your unit. 


Whether you rent or purchase a unit, our office will help coordinate the process during your pre-op appointment.